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A fresh coat of paint can make all the difference when showing a rental property to potential tenants. It’s one of those jobs that must be done periodically to maintain a rental in good condition. Of course, this sort of project often has additional requirements, time constraints, a budget to keep and the need for true professionals. We know you want the best results possible with little hassle for your current tenants, or else are in a hurry to prepare the space for new ones.

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Reasonable Time Frame and Prices

We’ll get your rental units painted in a timely fashion, because we know that time is money in property management. We work efficiently and quickly as part of our standard, and don’t charge a premium for getting your job done within a short time frame. Our reasonable prices apply across the board, including property maintenance jobs. Rest assured that we don’t sacrifice quality for speed. You can expect a high quality paint job that’s ready when you need it. We strive for excellence with every job so that you can feel confident showing off your property to potential tenants. When asking for a quote, let us know your timeframe and we’ll do our best to meet your deadlines. We know that you may have current tenants, or are on a tight schedule to get new tenants moved in. We’ll do our best to accommodate you and your tenants to cause as little disruption as possible.

Professional Services

MD Build Group is licensed, insured and bonded. We take our professional standing seriously and that’s why we invest in our client’s safety and security. Any damage or project setbacks are covered by our insurance, which gives you peace of mind when contracting our services. Don’t risk being stuck with a job half-done or additional costs added halfway through the job by working with uninsured painters.

We are a professional company, and we keep our word. We’ll stick to our quote – so no hidden fees or additional costs will be charged to you while completing the job. Our professional painters take care when working on your property to avoid any damage that could cause you inconveniences and waste your precious time. You can expect a job completed by careful, professional painters backed by a company with integrity. Hire MD Build Group with confidence, knowing that you will obtain a professional experience and result.

Your Needs Met

We’ll take care of the whole job from surface preparation to cleanup. After the job is finished, we’ll even perform a site inspection and speak with you to make sure that the job meets your expectations. We’re up for the challenge, whether you need interior or exterior work done, or both. Our professional painters will make sure that exterior and interior surfaces are prepped appropriately to hold the paint and ensure the quality of the job. For interiors, we routinely handle everything from bathrooms to bedrooms to laundry rooms, whether large spaces or small. Furthermore, we’ll help you choose appropriate paints and colors for the environment you’re looking to paint.

We’re also happy to help with maintenance, refurbishment and renovation projects. Our services begin with estimates and consultations to help you decide on the work you need done. Sometimes, a completely new paint job isn’t necessary for some areas of your rental. We’ll evaluate and help you decide where you can save costs by performing maintenance, and where more work is necessary. We’ll also give you recommendations and assistance when choosing colors and finishes that are most appropriate for the areas to be painted.

Whatever the size and specifications of your project, we’re prepared to give you an excellent result. We’ll work with you to discuss the details of what you envision, modifying the plan to meet your specific needs.

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Your Space will be Ready to Use

Once the paint job is completed, you’ll be able to move tenants in right away. We’ll leave your space clean and ready to use. We know you have tenants or residents using the space and need to be sure not to inconvenience them with messes and paint stains. We take care while painting not to leave a mess, and pay special attention to cleaning up once the job is finished.

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Put your project in our hands and we’ll take care of the rest. We’ll walk you through the steps to get started and get your project completed quickly and with excellent results. You’ll be able to keep up with your many other tasks while we take care of your painting needs. Call us today at 909-575-1088 for an estimate, with no obligation. Thank you!